Conspiracy Inc.

Hauptstrasse 155

2nd Hof, Remise links

10827 Berlin


That’s just German for backyard. When you get to Hauptstrasse number 155, You will ring the buzzer next to the big gate. When the gate opens just walk ALL the way through to the second backvard. DO NOT go to the tattoo shop directlv on the street, that’s NOT us! You have to use the buzzer at the gate to get to us! If you have problems finding, call or text the phone number provided in every email you got from me

We are open by appointment only, so there are no opening hours. Always email me in advance to set up an appointment, even if it’s just a visit to check out the studio

Please send me an email! Or get signed up to my mailing list!

I will email vou information about rates and how to find the studio when you are booked in.

No. If you have paid a deposit, it will be taken from the last session of your tattoo, but if you decide not to get tattooed for whatever reason, it will not be refunded. If you need to move an appointment, you need to do so seven days before the appointment, or you will lose the deposit, and a new one will have to be paid to make a new appointment.

18 and there are absolutelv no exceptions to that rule, so please don’t even ask. If vou look under the age of, sav. 20, we will need to see ID.

That one we’ll leave up to you, as there are many opinions about the subject, and we’re no experts. Try to read up on it and educate yourself before making a decision.

Absolutely not. If you can’t/won’t come here to get tattooed, you should find a good artist in your area whose style you really like, and have them draw something nice for you, in their style, or get flash, whatever floats your boat, but to get an original Jakub design, you gotta come to Berlin.

No, if the tattoo is custom, we won’t do it twice. The only exception is when the design is from a flash sheet

Yes, you can bring a friend (one!) and while that friend is welcome stay at the shop and wait for you while you get tattooed, they will have to do so in our waiting room. No friends or spouses are allowed in the tattoo room.

PLEASE DO NOT bring anyone for your consultation, if you have a consultation booked that is. An opinionated girlfriend or boyfriend who thinks they knows what’s best for you, might not be around as long as your tattoo, so let’s try to keep this all about YOU and what YOU want.

1 book 3 months at a time, if they’re full then you have to wait until I start booking again, usually 3 months before the next quarter. To get all of the updates join my Mailinglist under Contact

Yes, join my mailing list to get notified when a cancelation pops up, sometimes there very short notice, sometimes not